JRediSearch Workshop

December 12, 2018

In this talk, David Parry will dive into the open source project JRediSearch that provides a Java API for RediSearch plugin.

About Redisearch

Redisearch implements a open-source Full-Text and Secondary Index engine, but unlike other search libraries, it does not use internal data structures like sorted sets. Redisearch enables more advanced features, like exact phrase matching and numeric filtering for text queries, that are not possible or efficient with traditional Redis search approaches.

JRediSearch is the Java library supported by RedisLabs that abstracts RediSearch Redis module, it provides a wonderful interface allowing the Java developer to focus on their implementation logic and not the underpinnings of the module.

In my workshop https://github.com/davidparry/JRediSearchWorkshop, you will have a live demonstration of the following:

  • Run in Docker the latest Redisearch container in Docker.
  • Download and build the JRediSearch project.
  • Run the Spock Unit Tests.
  • See a running example of a Full-Text and Secondary Index engine.
  • A variety of syntax mistakes allowing constructive crowd participation.
  • And more!

This workshop demonstrates some of the features of Redis. For deeper dive contact RedisLabs (@redislabs).


JRediSearch Project: https://github.com/RedisLabs/JRediSearch

RediSearch Plugin: https://oss.redislabs.com/redisearch/

Redislabs(Home of REDIS): https://redislabs.com/