Matt Schuetze is the Director of Product Management at Azul Systems. He is responsible for charting the future roadmap for the Zing Java Virtual Machine and Zing Platform Edition with WebSphere product family. He is the focal point for all inbound requests to Azul, from product enhancements from customers and prospects, to new ideas in industry–wide movements and marketplace events. His role in Azul's Marketing team lets him visit JUGs and industry events around the globe.

Matt made the jump from engineering to software in 2000, when he left the world of radar, embedded chips, and signal processing in defense electronics, to leap into mainstream enterprise software. Since that time, Matt helped build and ship nearly thirty commercial product releases of developer productivity and systems monitoring tools by Compuware and Micro Focus. At Azul, he brings his passion for hunting performance bottlenecks to the JVM and Zing products. He has a Master's degree in Nuclear Engineering from MIT, and a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Michigan.

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