In this discussion, Chris Giametta will present a detailed overview integrating Adobe Flex, Cairngorm, Hibernate, and Spring to create a Rich Internet Application (RIA) that showcases the power of Flex on Spring with a solid architecture in mind.

Running on a Tomcat server, Chris will also cover BlazeDS and Spring BlazeDS Integration. The goal is to present an end–to–end open–source solution that developers and architects can take away and work with.

This presentation is about building RIAs that combine the interactive user experiences of Adobe Flex with the delivery of back–end services through the Spring Framework. You'll find all the details you'll need to integrate these two technologies, ranging from building custom reusable Flex components to using an object–relational mapping (ORM) implementation to manage database connectivity. The examples in this presentation are taken from real–world applications, culminating with a practical, large–scale, complete sample application that applies all the main concepts needed to build much larger applications.

Here is the link to my blog that I updated with the slides and code from my presentation.