When a new technology arrives on the scene, most developers are torn between feelings of excitement and dread. We all love new toys and better ways to get things done, but most of the time, the "new shiny" is breathlessly overhyped. No one thing can do everything, yet we’re barraged nonstop with pitches promising that "this new thing can!" This can lead to curmudgeonly thoughts, which is unfortunate and counterproductive…​because sometimes, some of the hype is real. How can we learn to distinguish gold from fool’s gold?

In this session, the presenter cuts through the hype and focuses on areas where AI delivers demonstrable value for the pragmatic developer. We’ll discover where it makes sense to plug AI-enabled tools into various stages of the developer’s workflow and how to make it work with the least disruption and best results. We’ll also look at some great tools available for building AI-powered applications in Java. We’ll talk costs too, because TANSTAAFL - There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. We’ll do all of this while building a working AI-powered application together, live and in real time, using Java, Spring Boot, and Spring AI. Maybe more, depending on time!

Come to this session for an unvarnished, no-nonsense look at how and where it makes to put AI to work for you now. You’ll leave with a plan, not with rose-colored glasses.