Join us on Wednesday, April 12th, at Improving Enterprises for the April JavaMUG meeting

With a new version of Java coming out approximately every six months, there are new challenges in keeping source code up to date, operational, stable and secure. And that doesn't count issues from imported 3rd party libraries. This talk will review the tools used and challenges involved in migrating Source Code from Java 8 and earlier to current Java Versions. It will also review finding code flaws and security issues. Then it will demonstrate an automated way to update Java Source Code and fixing the same detected code flaws.


  • There are tools for finding issues
  • Fixes can either be done manually or with automatic tools

For Businesses to meet the operational and competitive demands, businesses need to utilize more than just static tools. Automation is needed to help departments and teams meet the demands on the company.

We'll be meeting at Improving Enterprises, 5445 Legacy Dr #100, Plano, TX 75024

The pizza and networking start at 6:30pm and the meeting at 7pm. Come have a great evening of learning with your fellow local Java enthusiasts!