Join us March 8th at 7pm to hear author Thomas Nield talk about machine learning in Java with the SMILE library

Machine learning is proving to be more than just a trend, as its applications and breakthroughs continue to surprise and amaze technology professionals and the public alike. From computer vision to chatbots, there continues to be a growing spectrum of tasks being explored with machine learning.

In this session, we will learn a few basic supervised machine learning models using SMILE, a robust Java library for machine learning. Techniques we will cover include linear regression, logistic regression, and decision trees/random forests. If we have time, we'll even talk about neural networks.

We'll be meeting at Improving Enterprises, 5445 Legacy Dr #100, Plano, TX 75024, and they will also be the sponsor for this event.

The pizza and networking start at 6:30pm and the meeting at 7pm. Come have a great evening of learning with your fellow local Java enthusiasts!