Jessica Kerr is a developer at Atomist and a speaker at software conferences around the world. Recently, she spoke and led a track at QCon San Francisco, and keynoted YOW! Australia, Explore DDD, ThatConference, and a No Fluff Just Stuff. She has a course on Pluralsight about functional programming in Java. Lately she is excited about Resilience Engineering, DevOps, and mob programming. Find Jessica on twitter/medium/github as @jessitron, and as a panelist on the Greater than Code podcast.

We have frameworks for developing better software faster. Why do the tools for delivering software not afford that same level of efficiency? Code is a powerful tool for good. Spring Framework made enterprise Java applications possible. Now its creator, Rod Johnson, is CEO of Atomist. We apply lessons learned from the Spring Framework to software delivery.

Software delivery is crucial to development, because it allows safe, speedy change. But just as every software application is different, every business is different, and every delivery flow is different. The fundamental idea of Atomist is that your development and delivery experience should be developed, in code, on top of a framework – not left to an unholy mix of Bash scripts and YAML files.

In this session, Jessica discusses and demonstrates in product and code:

  • Defining delivery in code that is flexible, testable, and leverages tooling support.
  • The power of a fundamentally different approach using events as the backbone of your delivery flow, making it easy to roll out new steps and changes to your delivery.
  • An interface over the entire delivery process that makes it programmable, with a software delivery machine