This talk covers by example the core of the Hibernate Object/Relational Mapping framework; that is, in a hands-on manner.

What does this mean? Two things:

Rather than spending 1.5 hours going from slide to slide, passively covering various aspects of the Hibernate framework, you'll be actively building a sample application, modeling, persisting, and querying information using Hibernate 3.1,

Hibernate today is a mature and rich framework consisting of many features. Discussion of features outside of the Hibernate "Core" will be sacrificed for the sake of presenting Hibernate in an active, "by example" style.

No a-priori knowledge of Hibernate is assumed. We'll cover the basics of Hibernate v3.1, XML mappings, the Hibernate Query Language (HQL), the Criteria API, custom UserTypes, Components, and more! This talk does not discuss auxiliary topics such as the EJB 3 persistence API, Annotations, or integrating Hibernate in managed (J2EE) environments.

The presentation is here.